About me

I am a freelance consultant and researcher in sustainability and digital public policy, working with public sector institutions, consultancies and research institutes  in Germany, France and the European Union. My areas of expertise include sustainability strategies at national, regional and local levels, whole sector transformation ( i.e. energy, agriculture, transport), innovation policy and technology assessment. Currently I am particularly interested in new ideas about how the digital transformation may be turned into an opportunity for sustainable development and political participation.

From 2014 to 2018, I was a consultant at the Berlin-based think tank adelphi, working on Germany’s sustainability strategy and transformation pathways of major socio-technical systems towards a green economy. I left this position in March 2018 to pursue further studies and develop new projects outside of the ministerial framework. 

I am also a co-founder of Maastricht University Green Office,  a student-run university department implementing sustainability projects,  rootAbility, a  non-profit company working to transform the European higher education sector by promoting the Green Office Model, among us, an association financing accommodation for refugees, as well as  a sustainability focused cultural center and festival series.

I studied philosophy, sociology, politics and sustainability science in Maastricht (NL), Santa Cruz (CA, US), Freiburg (DE),  Buenos Aires and New Delhi and am currently pursuing an Off-Site Degree in Data Science at MIT.